Help us reach our goals and be part of our history


All great ideas started of as small ideas somewhere along the journey.  We have already achieved more in our 5 years than many clubs have in their 50 or 100 years of existence. We as a club have big goals ambitions and our vision is to reach these together, with you, as a group.

To progress, write history, live and share emotions, we need you to support the club and help us grow. Our whole project is about opening the club to our fans, so we propose you to  contribute to our club crowdfunding page, your contribution will offer special benefits for how little or how much you would like to help the club with.  We want to promote those benefits to you through our Crowdfunder in line with our values and vision of the project, to include you in the club and in our history rather than any traditional selling scheme. We are stronger together, we want to share our passion with you and build our community with you.

You can go on our Crowdfunder platform to see what you could get if you wish to participate. Any amount is welcomed, and there are great benefits for all kinds of budgets. Some packages are limited in numbers though, so head over and grab it while you can!


Thank you for your interest in the club and we would be delighted to have you coming along and joining in on our journey together.