Enzo Martinet
Enzo Martinet
Enzo Martinet

Enzo Martinet

  • Position:Goalkeeper
  • Nationality:French
  • Joined the Club:26/08/2019
  • Date of Birth:22/06/2000
  • Socials:

Coach’s Quote:
"Enzo is one of our U20s Goalkeepers. Enzo is a great shot stopper and also a keeper who is comfortable with the ball at his feet. Enzo has made huge progress since arriving in Glasgow under the supervision of Bryn Halliwell ”

Personal Quote:
“IFirst of all, I came here because I got my baccalaureate last year but I didn't really know what to do and then I saw this beautiful project on social networks which mix sport and learning English in a foreign country and I immediately liked this project because I wanted to improve myself in English as well as in football.

I can say that this year has really brought me a lot, whether in football or English. Before coming here, I was really limited in English. Having English lessons with people of different nationalities as well as coaches who only speak English permitted me to improve fairly quickly. I was also able to gain autonomy by discovering student life where we have to cook, shop etc ... I have already experienced this rhythm for 5 years in Guingamp with training and lessons every day and to be honest, I don't really see the difference because it's supervised very well, we have great coaches who listen to us. We have a training complex, a gym membership which is only a few minutes’ walk from our residence.”