Grégoire Lézin
Grégoire Lézin
Grégoire Lézin

Grégoire Lézin

  • Position:Midfielder
  • Nationality:French
  • Date of Birth:10/03/1999
  • Place of Birth:Martigues, France
  • Socials:

Coach’s Quote:
"Grégoire is a central midfielder who will work on  both sides of the game. Good in the tackle and like to get forward and create. Grégoire reads the game very well.”

Personal Quote:
“I came to Scotland to improve my English because it is essential for my future, but also to discover new cultures.

This year is a blessing for me, I have the opportunity to show my football in a new country that I had never visited before. As for English, I am progressing little by little even if the Scottish accent remains complicated. I remain curious and make the most of Scotland."