Matthieu Gonzalez
Matthieu Gonzalez
Matthieu Gonzalez

Matthieu Gonzalez

  • Position:Midfielder
  • Nationality:French
  • Joined the Club:26/08/2019
  • Date of Birth:13/01/2000
  • Place of Birth:Meaux, France
  • Socials:

Coach's Quote:
"A skilful player who loves to drive at defenders. Mathieu is very gifted with the ball at his feet, as well as the ability of neat footwork, Mathieu has goals in him from midfield."

Personal Quote:
"I came in Scotland to progress in sport and in English, my main goal is to go play in good divisions in England / United Kingdom.

I think I have progressed in terms of my attitude, my English and especially on the ground.

Being in a new environment pushes us to surpass ourselves and progress.

The coaches, mentors and our director are always ready to listen. So, the adapting to English life was a natural process."