Rodrigue Dupré
Rodrigue Dupré
Rodrigue Dupré

Rodrigue Dupré

  • Position:Goalkeeper
  • Nationality:French
  • Joined the Club:26/08/2019
  • Date of Birth:20/04/2000
  • Place of Birth:Lillebonne, France
  • Socials:

Coach's Quote:
"Rodrigue is a keeper who uses his height between the sticks to his advantage. Rodrigue is a vocal presence at the back and can be counted on to make those big important saves.

Personal Quote:
"I think I have acquired a wider and more varied vocabulary than when I arrived, especially in the fields of study provided by the courses of the Johan Cruyff Institute. 

This year is also an opportunity to live a student life between shared accommodation and being independent. In football, we are fortunate to have new installations, very good coaches and a good overall level of players."