Yanis Saghour
Yanis Saghour
Yanis Saghour

Yanis Saghour

  • Position:Midfielder
  • Nationality:French
  • Date of Birth:28/07/1999
  • Place of Birth:Venissieux, France
  • Socials:

Coach’s Quote:
"Yanis is an attacking winger who likes to take players on and create chances. Is comfortable with both feet and can play either right or left flanks. He can play full back as well. ”

Personal Quote:
“The reasons that made me want to come to Scotland is that I wanted to progress in English and football while having an experience abroad.

Since I arrived in Scotland, I felt progress in English and football despite my injury which prevented me to play for two months. I especially felt an increase in the mental level. With the supervision of coaches who are very competent, progression is inevitable, the have varied trainings that are both fun and challenging and I think this is the best way to progress.“