Caledonian Braves FC was born from an idea. A simple idea to create a community of fans who would actively be involved in the running of a football club. 

From humble beginnings, our vision is to bring people from all over the world together through a shared love of the beautiful game and grow not only as club but as a community.  

A community who will be the heart beat of the club. Our community will be diverse, different and unique, though will also be equal with each fan having a voice. 

Our vision is to change the way fans interact with their club. Improving fan engagement and allowing fans unique access and insight to their club.

Originally set up as a modern form of crowd funding, we quickly realised that the concept is far more powerful than any business model. The project, if successful, will be a pioneering example of what can be achieved together as a forward thinking football community.

We aim to give our fans a voice and a vote.