Who are Caledonian Braves?

Caledonian Braves are Scotland youngest senior football club and currently play in the Scottish Lowland League (Tier 5). We play our home games at Alliance Park, on the outskirts of Glasgow. Our manager, Ricky Waddell is currently the only coach in the league to hold the prestigious ‘UEFA Pro’ coaching qualification and the vast majority of our players come from in and around the Glasgow area. 

What makes Caledonian Braves unique?

We are unique because we are a brand new club and have a blank canvas for which we can create and shape our identity, values and future. We don’t have traditional business model or established local fan base and where some people see that as a weakness, we see this as our strength. We have an ideal opportunity to create a new club, fit for a new, modern generation of football fan. Through our app, each fan will have a voice and a vote, meaning essentially that the fans run the club. Your Club, in Your Hands. 

How does it work ?  

As you know, our vision is to create an online community of fans who will run the club via the app. To do this each fan who downloads the app can access all of the app’s functions, including the Boardroom, where they will be able to vote on key issues relating to the running of the club and put forward their own proposals should they wish to see certain changes implemented.

Features of the App : 
  • Access to the Boardroom - Vote on all club matters from player recruitment to allocation of finances
  • Match Centre - Watch live match stream in real time anywhere in the world 
  • Brave Chat - Discuss club matters with fans around the world
  • Brave TV - Inside access to the very heart of the club. Get to know the players and staff with unique access taking you from the Boardroom, to the dressing room and beyond. 

What originally started as a form of ‘crowd funding’ has now become something far powerful that money. 

As our community grows, the money raised will be distributed back into the club as decided by our fans via the app. You may decide that it goes on player recruitment, youth development or stadium improvements to name a few. 

With Caledonian Braves, your club is literally in your hands. 


Why should I ‘Join the Braves’?

The idea of ‘The Braves’ is to give football fans hope and the opportunity to be involved in an exciting and unique project. If you ever wondered what it’s like to be involved in all aspects of a club then as a fan of the Braves, you will have this opportunity. Through the app, you will get to experience the highs (and lows) of being involved in a real football club. You will get to know the players and staff through unique and engaging content and more importantly, you will have an opportunity to shape the future of the club ! Unlike most other clubs, you will have a direct influence on the running of the club. 

What are the club's objectives? 

Like most clubs, our main objectives are to be successful. This can come in many different forms but most tangibly, winning games, winning trophies and ultimately to be promoted to the SPFL in a financially sustainable and risk aversive manner. As part of The Braves Community you will help decide on what are realistic objectives and decide on the best strategy to achieve our goals.

Off the park our objective is to create a community of fans who have a genuine love and affinity for the club, who sharing our values and ambitions, find and enjoy a new way to support and be involved in a real football club. 

What is the link between Edusport Academy and Caledonian Braves?

The creation of the Braves in 2019, saw the separation of the senior team and the Academy. The Edusport Academy remains as was, providing young French athletes the opportunity to combine sport and Education and although two different entities, The Edusport Academy and The Braves are closely linked, with Caledonian Braves fielding Academy players in the South of Scotland and U20 Lowland League. 

I don’t live in Scotland, can I still 'Join the Braves'? 

Of course! The vision is to create a community of fans from across the world. No matter where you are in the world, you are a welcome addition to the community. Whats more, all of our games will be streamed live in real time, meaning you don’t have to miss a single minute of our matches. 

What division do Caledonian Braves play? 

We currently play in the Scottish Lowland League. This is the equivalent of the 5th Division, and is one division below the professional leagues. The aim of the projet is to create a culture and squad of players who are capable of competing for promotion into the professional leagues.