You may think that as Scotland’s youngest senior club, we don’t have much of a history to speak of, though you’d be surprised. 

Although Caledonian Braves was formed in 2019, the club itself existed formerly as Edusport Academy. Initially created as a private football academy, Edusport Academy was founded to provide young French footballers the opportunity to combine football with education in Scotland during one year. 

Created in 2011, the Edusport Academy successfully applied to join the pyramid via the South of Scotland League in 2014 and became the first club in the history of Scottish football to win promotion from the bottom of the pyramid when we won the League in 2017.  

We also made history in 2015 when we won the South of Scotland League Cup. As holders of the League Cup, the trophy was displayed in the National Football Museum at Hampden Park from 2015-2017 as having ‘documented contemporary football history’ as the trophy was won by a team full of French nationals. 

Promotion to the Lowland League along with our continued ambition meant that we had to take a look at our current model and in 2018, we launched OUR FOOTBALL CLUB. OFC was the name of the project aimed at separating the club from the academy and by doing so, creating a new club where an online community of fans took an active part in the running of the club.

With over 800 fans from 30 different countries, a series of online votes gave birth to Caledonian Braves. A new club identity, with a new badge and a new home ground, Caledonian Braves were officially born when the SFA Professional Game Board ratified the name change on 20th June 2019. 

Edusport Academy continues to exist as the Academy of the Caledonian Braves FC. 


With several designs to chose from, our current club crest won an online vote and is now a proud part of our brand identity.

The crest embodies the exciting new chapter in the evolution of the football club.

The badge’s composition is based on that of a shield, informed by its usage from brave Scottish warriors and the previous club crest of Edusport Academy. 

A Fleur-de-lis motif is subtly located in the background of the crest as a nod to the club’s link with the nation of France. It is symbolically located in the core foundation of the crest, providing further visual impact and depth. 

The focal point of the crest is the mythical phoenix bird, a symbol of strength, power & class - representative of the rebirth and journey of the rebranded club. Its wings proudly span the shield - embodying the bravery and fight of the new brand. 

At the heart of the badge, the Scottish Edusport ball - showcasing the clubs beginnings and proud history thus far being forever remembered.