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The Caledonian Braves are Scotland's newest and most ambitious senior football club. Our aim is to create a global online community of fans, who working together will drive the club forward into a new and innovative generation.

In 2020, we developed an app that revolutionised fan engagement, making you the heart of the football club. Along with likeminded, ambitious fans from around the world, your voice counts. 

With your club at your fingertips, not only will you be able to make key decisions that influence all aspects of the club, you will be propelled into the dressing room, onto the training pitch and into the stands as Caledonian Braves' most important stakeholder - the fan! 

Our App


As the first online community club in the world, we rely on like minded people to #jointhebraves. As our community grows, we will be able to leverage further funding and sponsorship to help us fulfil our potential both on and off the park. 

The app is free and provides unique access to the club and voting powers. 


Our Braves' Benefits

Joining the Caledonian Braves makes you more than a fan. You are the lifeblood of the club, the heartbeat, the now and the future. 

Our History

Where We Began

The Caledonian Braves' story dates back to 2011, with the creation of the Edusport Academy. The Edusport Academy is a football academy set up to provide football coaching and education to young French players. 

Our Progress

Always Moving Forward

In 2014, the Academy entered into the South of Scotland giving us direct access to the pyramid system and when we won the league in 2017, we became the first club in the history of Scottish football to be promoted to the Lowland League.

Our Future

Becoming The Braves

Our success lead to change and we launched Our Football Club which allowed an online community to rebrand the club. Over 800 fans from around the world got involved and the result was the birth of Caledonian Braves.

Our Ambition

Join Our Global Fanbase

Although a young club, we are hugely ambitious and determined. We believe in the power of people and strive continually to create and maintain a positive culture based on development and innovation.

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