Matchday Tickets

After careful consideration and canvassing the club's internal and stakeholders we have come to the decision to scrap home ticket prices for the 2022-23 season.

Instead, there is option for supporters to donate if they wish but they are welcome to enjoy football at Alliance Park free of charge. We feel as a club this is the correct way forward in light of the current energy crisis and rapidly rising cost of living within the country. This applies to all Lowland League and South of Scotland Cup games. For Scottish Cup games, prices will remain as per the competition rules.

The club's owner, Chris Ewing adds: 

"Coming to a football game shouldn't be a financial burden, it should we somewhere where people can come and enjoy without the stress. The fans, the players and the management are all 100% behind this. We are looking forward to fans coming to Alliance Park, free of stress, enjoying the football, getting behind the team and looking to more positive times in the future"

Click the link below to buy tickets for Scottish Cup matches:

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