Club Statement: B teams in SLFL

18th April 2023

At last night’s general meeting clubs were asked to vote on the continued inclusion of three SPFL B teams for the 2023/2024 season.

After consultation with our fans, Caledonian Braves, along with four other member clubs, voted ‘No’ to this proposal.

The vote came on the back of a proposed conference league for season 2024/2025 that would be made up of B teams, SLFL and SHFL teams.

The conference league was presented by both the Scottish FA and the SPFL, not only as an adequate solution following a year long review of the pyramid but also as an opportunity to improve player development working with the B teams.

Our view is that the conference league is neither a satisfactory outcome from the ‘Pyramid Review’ neither offers an obvious advantage to the development of players.

The conference league suits a small number of clubs within the wider Scottish footballing family and essentially relegates the rest of Scottish Football a tier. We cannot support the process nor the outcome and believe that the only suitable conclusion to the review would have been automatic promotion for our Champion club.

It is regrettable that the ongoing discussion around B clubs continues to reflect negatively on our league.

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