Fans vote on B team inclusion

17th April 2023

Tonight will see another important Scottish Lowland Football League (SLFL) vote take place and, as per normal club procedure, the club’s decision will be determined by a poll amongst members on the Braves App.

There has been much discussion over the developments regarding B Teams and its impact on the SLFL. The Scottish FA has indicated their preference to pursue a ‘Conference League’ which, will sit below SPFL League 2 and above the SLFL (and Highland League), becoming the new Tier 5.

Discussions have indicated that the Scottish FA’s preference is for the addition of a Conference League in 2024/25, with an agreed pathway for promotion and relegation.

However, this leaves outstanding the issue of existing B teams (Celtic, Hearts and Rangers), and what division they play in during season 2023/24.

The Scottish FA is now asking SLFL clubs to vote on whether these three B teams can be included within the division in 2023/24. If rejected, it has been indicated that there is a possibility that the Conference League may be brought forward, with a combination of B Teams and invited guest clubs.

Voting is now open, on the Caledonian Braves club app.

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