Young fan takes Braves into VR!

13th March 2024

A talented young gamer has been representing the Caledonian Braves in VR competitions!

Ethan Paterson, 12, is a keen player of 'VRFS' and has been representing the Braves against a range of European powerhouses, after founding the team in 2024.

Ethan said: "I chose the Braves because I love this club to bits!

"You always play against Bayern or Barcelona in the game, so I thought I would give the Caledonian Braves the opportunity to play big teams and help them rise.

"I made this team wanting to achieve what people can't and it's going brilliant!"

Amongst his biggest scalps are victories against Ajax, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and PSG. Ethan even designed the Braves kits to fully represent his team in the game!

Ethan was a guest of honour at our recent Southern Counties Cup tie against Wigtown, featuring in our Inside Matchday episode on the day. Ethan admirably addressed the squad before the game and the gaffer, Ricky, was close to letting him carry out the full team talk!

Alongside his gaming ambitions, the Braves fanatic is also a keen piano and guitar player. 

Ethan finished by saying: "This team will continue in VRFS and we will win more... I promise!"

Keep up the great work Ethan!

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