Caledonian Braves vs Bo’ness United
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Caledonian Braves vs Bo’ness United

L 0 - 2

Caledonian Braves came into the match off a solid win against Gretna 2008. The opportunity to go top of the table was on the boy’s minds. Bo'ness coming into the game undefeated this season and yet to see their goal breached would be no easy beats.

The referee’s whistle pierced the serenity of Strathclyde County Park and before the sunshine was able to break the clouds in the opening minutes Bo'ness had taken the lead.

The first half would be a scrappy opening, with both teams struggling to maintain possession. Each attack being met with a counterattack. The unpleasantly warm and humid conditions, taking a toll on the players, made the half-time whistle a welcome relief.

Half-Time Caledonian Braves 0 - Bo'ness United 1.

The ends switched and the players back in position the referee commenced the second half. With the coach’s words still in their ears the Caledonian Braves players found themselves on the receiving end of a second quick-fire Bo'ness goal.

The players visibility frustrated at conceding now turned their attention to getting back in the game. The Braves "move the ball better than anyone we have seen this season" remarked a Bo'ness supporter watching the smooth passing and one touch football that was creating space and splitting the Bo'ness defence. Each attack though would result in either a clearance or the keeper smothering the chance. Scott Forrester would come close as he rose above everyone, no easy task given the size of the Bo'ness squad, and when he had the keeper beaten the man on the post cleared... Truly a remarkable header from 14 yards out.

As the game continued the tired bodies and legs of the quick turnaround so early in the season began to show and a beautiful move by Bo'ness put their striker, Allison Jones, through one-on-one with Chris Henry. Chris, making himself big, fended off the strike from close range, his enormous right hand pushing the ball clear.

As the Referee brought the game to a close the Braves have only a few days to turn around this result as they are aware to Dalbeattie Star on Wednesday 3 August.

Full-Time Caledonian Braves 0 - Bo'ness United 2.