League Expansion

6th May 2021

Plans have been drawn up in the last few days to vote on whether Rangers and Celtic ‘B’ teams should be introduced to the Lowland League. Under current proposals, these teams would enter the League on a one-season basis.  Talks are at an early stage, but the SLFL has confirmed discussions with the Premiership clubs have begun, citing player development, and ‘significant benefits' to the Lowland League and its clubs.

At Caledonian Braves, we pride ourselves on making sure your voice is heard. We will therefore put the decision to you via our mobile app in the coming days, where you will be able to vote on the matter. As a Board, we will respect whatever decision you make and move forward from there.

Strictly from a Lowland League point of view, the reality is that this introduction of ‘B’ teams could benefit the League and the clubs financially. It would also increase exposure for Caledonian Braves.

As it stands, the Lowland League has no title sponsor and money in Scottish football at this level is scarce. The coronavirus has, unfortunately, also played its part. 

We aware that many fans are opposed to this idea, concerned the ‘B’ teams’ duration in the League may be extended beyond a year. We therefore welcome your input and thoughts on this matter, and we will endeavour to keep you as informed as possible as to any changes that may arise.

Chris Ewing, Founder and owner of Caledonian Braves agrees that this is a pivotal time for Scottish football and that there is a desire for change. He is adamant, however, that the integrity of the wider football community needs to be taken into account

“We believe this has the potential to freshen things up in the League”, said Ewing. “There are clubs who are more ambitious than ever before, and there is an appetite for change. It is paramount however, that football at this level sees real benefit from these proposals. We want our fans to be happy with the decision we make. They will always be at the heart of Caledonian Braves.”

Here are details of the proposition : Lowland League Proposal - May 2021.pdf


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