Lowland League SGM - Boundary Line

22nd August 2021

Monday 23rd August will see a Special General Meeting of Lowland League club to discuss and vote on the removal of the boundary line which separates the Highland League and the Lowland League.

To be put simply, is it appropriate for teams from the Scottish Highlands to be allowed to play in the Lowland League upon the request of the SFA ? Or should we continue to respect the geographical line which avoids doubt, interpretation and/or external influence.

Braves Chairman Chris Ewing, said of the vote, “I have asked the question many times without a clear answer : How does the removal of the line improve Scottish football as a whole and to what benefit would the removal of the line be to clubs in the Lowland, West, East and South of Scotland Leagues or to the pyramid in general?”

“Until these questions are clearly and convincingly answered, I feel strongly that we should keep the line, particularly in light of the circumstances surrounding the relegation of club 42 last season and the events leading up to the SGM.”

So over to you, the fan. Tell us how you feel by heading over to the app and vote.

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