Respect All, Fear None: Braves enter new era with bold club motto

11th October 2020

On the eve of the new football season, Caledonian Braves are delighted to announce the result of the first major vote of 2020/21. Fans have voted in their numbers and decided that ‘Respect All, Fear None’ will be the club’s brand new official motto.

With the launch of the mobile application, voting is now more accessible than ever and the club has spent time behind the scenes refining the process. Following a test drive ‘no brainer’ vote, which saw 100% of fans vote for a matter relating to the 2020/21 Scottish Cup, the Club Motto vote was the first opportunity to see the full operation take shape.

It all began on the Braves Chat section of the mobile app, with fans being invited to submit their ideas and proposals. A fantastic response was forthcoming with a nice variety of traditional, extravagant and everything in between. The club then produced a shortlist, which was put to the vote. After five days of voting, there was a clear winner. With 26% of the vote, ‘Respect All, Fear None’ was the most popular by a distance, receiving more than double the votes of second place.

The podium positions were as follows:
1. Respect All. Fear None - 26%
2. Build the Legacy - 12%
3. No Fear, No Limits – 11%
3. No Excuses No Borders. No Limits – 11%

Behind the words was Braves supporter Keith Cameron of Coatbridge. However, upon speaking to Keith, we fould out that it was actually a team effort. He said: “It was something that my son Logan, 14, and I worked on together. We produced our own shortlist and it was Logan that made the final call to put forward ‘Respect All, Fear None’. We think it summarises the club’s mentality really well.”

“Logan is actually a player with the Caledonian Braves Under 16 side, which is how we were first introduced to the club. We were previously with Cliftonhall Boys Club, but after meeting with Ricky Waddell and being impressed by his vision, we were over the moon to move our team into the Caledonian Braves family. Ever since then my family has taken a keen interest in the overall club and the first team. For Logan to wear the shirt on a Sunday morning and then come home to participate in club decisions at the top level is a real eye opener. It helps bring the whole club together and I know his team-mates are keen to watch the first team in action at Alliance Park when they are allowed.”

Club owner Chris Ewing said: “It’s a great feeling for the first vote of the new era to take shape. We have voted for big changes since the project began. A new club name, the strip designs, the name of our stadium. However, we felt as a club that prides itself on embracing technology, we could make the process easier for the fans. This time they received a notification on their mobile phone and cast their vote two clicks later. We have had great feedback so far.”

“Keith and Logan’s motto proposal was very popular with the supporters and equally so amongst the club’s staff. As a club we respect the history and tradition of Scottish football, but are not afraid to push the boundaries and challenge the status quo. And of course, the same goes for any matchday. We are Caledonian Braves, we have our style of play and Ricky encourages our players to express themselves in every single game.”

Thanks to all of the supporters that participated, well done to those who made the shortlist and of course the biggest congratulations go to Keith and Logan. Their words will be prominent across the club’s branding and communication in a matter of weeks. Look out for the next vote, coming very soon to the mobile app.

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