Vote 1 Results: Scottish Cup format 2020/21

15th August 2020

This week, we held our first fans vote, since the launch of our new mobile application. The news broke on Thursday that the club had been asked by the Lowland League to state their preference between two differing proposals for the format of the 2020/21 Scottish Cup. 

We put it to the fans with a tight turnaround, as required by the football authorities, and were delighted to see so many of them use the mobile application to cast their vote. The result was unanimous, with 'Option B' (providing more non-league clubs with the opportunity to participate in the competition) recording a resounding victory. 

Caledonian Braves chairman Chris Ewing said: "Whilst it wasn't the toughest decision, we were pleased to give our fans the chance to have their say and kick-off this new era of supporter decision making. A lot of work has taken place behind the scenes to make the process as simple as possible for the fans. On Thursday morning they received a push notification on their phone and within a couple of clicks, their voice had been heard."

Fans don't have long to wait until the next piece of decision making, with the vote for the club's official motto due to take place early next week. If you have a suggestion to put forward, we could encourage you to head over to Braves Chat and share your ideas. 

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