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A Brave Members Welcome

22nd July 2020

Welcome to the Caledonian Braves

The first step required to make change is an open mind. A mind open to the possibility of something better.

Whether you’re just simply curious or have a real passion for the project, by downloading the app, you have taken the first step. Thank you!

When I created the Edusport Academy back in 2011, I had absolutely no idea where we would be today. If someone had told me that we would be full members of the SFA, have a club license, play in the Lowland League, have fans from 30 different countries who decided on a name change, moved into our own facility, launched an app and had a feature-length documentary on Scottish Television, I would have thought they were crazy - but that’s where we are!

When we were admitted into the South of Scotland League in 2014, we were afforded an opportunity of something better. An opportunity to build a club.

Opportunity! Such a great word. Though like most things of value in life opportunities are hard work and that’s why most people don’t take them.

Today, one again we have an opportunity and it’s one which we fully intend to take. With people like yourself, we will build a community of fans, not only in Scotland but across the globe, who value opportunity and potential as we embark on an ambitious and exciting new chapter for the club.

The app is a key part of the project, and it is my belief that this technology and vision for our club will set us apart. The app will be a ‘one stop shop’ for all matters relating to the club. It will give fans across the world a unique and intimate insight behind the scenes and keep them up to date with the latest news and give you complete access to your club.

Most importantly, the app with give you, the fan, power to make change. Through a series of proposals and votes, our fans have the unique ability to influence club policy and strategy. 

The idea behind the project is to create and grow a community who invest in the future of the club, take ownership and ultimately develop a love and affinity for the club. 

Although free to download, some exclusive content and access to votes and Braves Chat will require a Premium membership. All revenue raised from app downloads will be reinvested into the club where the fans will decide on how it is best spent. This is the model which I feel not only allows us to create a sustainable business, though it also allows us to create a community, fit and appropriate for a modern football fan. A modern football fan who values opportunity, innovation and potential.  

So, again, thank you for downloading the app and here’s to an exciting next chapter. 

Chris Ewing 

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