28th May 2021

Caledonian Braves’ Chairman Chris Ewing was elected to the board of the Scottish Lowland League for the first-time last night, after a vote at the league’s annual AGM. 

Speaking today about the prospect of what now lies ahead, Chris said,

“I am excited and welcome the opportunity to be able to make a positive impact and support the good work already being done by the board. We are entering an important time for the league and the pyramid and I look forward to making my contribution. »

“The appointment demonstrates how far the club has come in a short period of time. It wasn’t that long a go we were on the wrong side of the board having our application to enter the league rejected twice.”

A lot has changed since then and Chris believes the board he is joining looks very different today,

“The league and the board has moved on a lot since then. George Fraser, the league chairman, has brought a brave and modern outlook to the league and I’m delighted to be a part of it.”

Chris hopes to help bring new ideas to the fold,

“I believe I can bring fresh ideas to the table. Caledonian Braves are the youngest senior football club in Scotland. We are not hindered by tradition, politics or any specific agenda. We hope to genuinely try and improve the league with a fresh approach, energy and a commitment to fight for positive change. I think fans over the last number of years have shown that’s what they are looking for.”

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