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Stepping Up from Amateurs - Ben Daily

10th July 2020

Ben Daily became another young talent to earn himself an extra year with the Braves as the attacker signed up for the 2020/21 Lowland League season.

Ben proved that he has some talent in his locker with some great goals against BSC Glasgow and Dalbeattie Star as well as a man of the match performance in a 4-1 win over Vale of Leithen at the beginning of 2020.

We chatted to Ben about making that step up from the amateur leagues and his goals for making his way as a regular in the Braves starting lineup.

Two years ago you were playing at an amateur level. What was that like, did you feel it was a big step up to the Braves?

100%, when I first came in, the first training session, even a passing drill you could see the difference. A lot quicker and faster paced than even the games were at amateur level.

You were part of Celtic during youth, did moving up from the amateurs to the Braves, did it remind you of the professional level of your youth level?

Sort of. At youth level you just play the way you want to because you are young. You realise when you are older and it’s into the actual leagues, you learn all the tactics to play a certain way against certain teams etc so that was the biggest difference.

Looking at the level of Amateur football, is the game looked at differently from the Lowland League and was it the step up you wanted?

Yeah it was, even the warm ups before a game, everyone is on it straight away whereas at amateur, sometimes half of you team don’t show up We are there 2 hours before a game and ready to go from the off, so its more of a professional mindset that you learn to have on match days especially.

You were more of a fringe player last season, is that what you expected when you signed?

Not really, I think I was only going to get a few minutes here and there but I don’t think I missed many games, wether it was starting or coming off the bench. It was brilliant for me but it was mostly learning the game at this level, that was the best part.

You came into a team that had Ross McNeil, a prolific goal scorer, and a seasoned pro like David Winters, did that help you with your decision to join the club?

Definitely,  after a few games in Wints would always take me to the side at training and giving me tips. As the season went on, both Wints and Rossco would take me aside, tell me things like movements I could do better, even in a game it was brilliant.

Do you think that was vital for you at a young age for your development?

That’s the one thing I thought I always needed, a senior player to watch and play. Both of them played a great levels and scored goals so it was good to learn from them.

Towards the end of the season you moved out to the wing rather than as a number 9 striker, is that where you want to prove yourself this season?

I think so, as much as you want to score goals, I think I’m better out wide and you want to play where you are best suited so hopefully I can nail down that position.

Do you have any goals for this season?

I want to push to be a starter and get some more goals. I didn’t score many last year as it was my first season but I want to get my head down and stay focused to put myself in the gaffers mind come a match day.

You can watch Ben’s full re-signing interview over on Braves TV! 

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